Latest Computer Hardware

Of the latest computer hardware products to hit the market Intel has had some of the biggest impact with its storied i-series Sandy Bridge processors which are the first SoC, system on a chip, which combines the number crunching processing with the graphical processing on a single piece of silicon. This leads to great power efficiency, greater speed as well as the practicality of having a graphics card with the chip. It also strengthens the case for applications making use of the number crunching power of graphics processors to do integer and flaoting point maths, speeding some tasks up hugely. Following the recall, caused by the discovery that the SATA disk drive chips would fail early on the first version of the core, the new version has been released quickly and is now a major competitor to all other desktop and mobile chips in the market place as Intel follow a very aggressive pricing policy. The entry level dual-core i3 will be available for as little as £110, competing comfortably even with AMD`s deliberately low priced offerings. At the top end the i7-2600K, a quad core chip with impressive self-overclocking capabilities available for £288, running at 3.4 GHz, new top end processors have never been this cheap and in fact were often more than twice this price.

Intel`s other release has been the new generation of SSD, solid state disks, offering silent, low power and far faster performance than conventional spinning platter disks. The 6 Gbps 510 series comes in 120 GB and 250 GB versions and offers a reading speed of over 500 MBps along with writing at more than 315 MBps, using the new 34 nm production technology. These have struck the market as rather disappointing as the expected fall in prices for SSDs has failed to materialise, with these priced at £212 and £446 they are certainly not cheap, compared to a 1 terabyte platter disk at a mere £75 it is a difficult item for many consumers to justify the purchase of to themselves. It`s not clear if the technology has simply failed to deliver expected gains and price decreases or if the producers have decided to remain an upmarket and more luxurious item rather than attempt to compete with conventional methods of storage. The advantages of SSD- of silent running and very fast operating system loading and program responsiveness will only justify the steep price for the most serious of users.

The SSD will be facing competition from the next version from Sandforce, with Intel attempting to compete on their name recognition rather than offering a competitive price, nor especially competitive performance.

Intel`s Sandy Bridge system will also soon be facing competition as their competitor in the processor area, AMD will be bringing out the Fusion system on a chip, very much like Intel`s Sandy Bridge, this will be an ATI graphics core on the same silicon as an AMD processor aimed at fast gaming systems. It`s unclear what we can expect from Fusion in desktop computers to compete with Intel, their process is not as small as Intel`s so chips are inherently more power hungry with the heat limiting their speeds as they must be cooled though the ATI graphics may significantly outperform the Intel onboard graphics.

Modern High-Tech Lifestyle

Some people are just natural technology freaks that drool over the latest innovative gadgets and every new device which is launched in the market. Their homes are typically very technology-based, and the older, more traditional styles of furniture definitely do not blend in with the modern accoutrements. These people would do well to look into all of the modern styles that are now available in the furniture marketplace. With all of the latest technical advances in furniture, there are now lots of cool and trendy pieces available that will be right at home in the high-tech household. In fact, some of the state-of-the-art pieces of furniture available in today’s marketplace look like something that the Jetsons might have had in their home.

Most people are familiar with old-style sleeper sofas that were popular in the 1970s; these pieces were intended to serve as guest beds when family or friends came to visit. The problem with sleeper sofas is that they were terribly uncomfortable, both to sit on or when opened as a bed. Add to that the fact that they were terribly difficult to open up into a bed, and they did not get much use in most households. Luckily, the latest incarnations futon sofabeds and others nicknamed “click-clacks” are much easier to use, and more comfortable. Some serve as sofas during the day, others as oversized chairs, and typically they open up with just a few flips.

Getting stuck by loose springs or sinking into a stiff chair to play Call of Duty or watch your favorite movie on Blu-Ray isn’t much fun; the newest furniture pieces are built for total comfort and relaxation. Theater style chairs are very popular for media rooms, and they often have cup holders and foot rests for more comfort. Theater chairs offer more comfort in less space than traditional furniture.

Most of the latest high tech furniture is unique and suits multiple purposes, making it a good value. Add to that the latest technology and durable materials that are used in these pieces enhances their useful life. Furniture available can make your home décor both more appealing and much more functional for the way you live today.

Today’s furniture is built with ergonomic designs that cradle the body and prevent normal spine pain and other posture disorders which arise due to poorly designed furniture. In the past, the style of the furniture was seen as most important, often neglecting to take into account the people who would be using the pieces. Some of today’s latest furniture is available in adjustable modes with your own customized fittings, and you can also order pieces designed just for your size and shape.

Reclining sofas are one great innovation that can suit your home, in many colors and patterns to match the style of your rooms. Many of these units have dual reclining sections, and there are armless units and corner wedges, one arm love seats and double armed rocking loveseats, so many different configurations are available to suit your space. There are double rocking mechanisms and glider recliner styles, and these sofas are easy to recline and fix at your favorite angle.