The UK is one of the most mobile phone-hungry markets in the world and despite the limited number of consumers packed in to its green and pleasant landscape, there are more than enough active phones to account for over 122 per cent of the populations. This means that many people have two or more mobiles to their name. Because of this level of obsession, the UK is used as a proving ground for mobiles by many manufacturers who want to see whether a particular technological innovation will work in a wider market.

The number of mobile phones on the offer today is staggering and every possible budget and need is catered to many times over. Choosing the right mobile can therefore be a daunting and lengthy task. To make things a little easier, let us take a look over the top five mobile phones to hit shops in 2010.

HTC Legend
This is the follow up to the poplar Hero smartphone that landed last year and it brings the Android 2.1 operating system along with an overhauled Sense interface to the table. Sense now has a useful new app called the Friend Stream, which is similar to other social networking services from rivals like Motorola. It lets you log in to multiple social profiles and then get your updates delivered to a single screen, with Facebook, Twitter and many other services supported.

LG Cookie Fresh
LG`s original Cookie sold ten million worldwide and more handsets are joining the Cookie family in 2010. The Cookie Fresh is an entry level touch screen mobile with a low price and few modern features. There is no 3G networking, but the touch screen interface has widgets to play with and a 2 megapixel camera will serve you well.

Samsung Galaxy Portal
This smartphone gives those with less money to spend a way to get into the Android operating system. There are no fancy software tweaks, but Android is fine to use in its plain vanilla edition. Access to the Android Market will let you download free or paid for apps whenever you like and with Wi-Fi connectivity you can surf free of charge.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
With a 4 inch touchscreen, this is one of the most imposing mobiles on the market. It uses Android, but has a highly customised Sony Ericsson interface designed for multimedia and multitasking. This is a high end handset for those with deep pockets, but it is also a return to form for a manufacturer that has had a few failures in recent months.

Apple iPhone 3G S
Though the iPhone 3G S is due to be replaced with a next generation handset in the summer, it is still the smartphone against which all others are judged. Cheap mobile phones are ten a penny, but the iPhone stands alone as a design classic and a trend setter. With a powerful processor, a 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen and the unrivalled App Store with over 150,000 downloadable nuggets of software in its library, the iPhone really needs no introduction. That is why it continues to be one of the most popular mobile phones in the UK today.